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Updates & Information

The new & improved Vendor Support Center

The new & improved Vendor Support Center website is coming to you live in the first quarter of FY22! Make sure you subscribe to the MAS Interact group to get the news sent straight to your inbox.


Prohibited Manufacturers

Certain products are not allowed on Schedule contract or GSA Advantage! because they pose a national security risk and are prohibited by law, regulation or other binding directive. GSA is taking the following steps to protect the federal supply chain by excluding and removing prohibited products:

  • Contractor SIP or EDI catalog submissions will be rejected if the catalog includes a prohibited entity
  • Products that GSA determines are prohibited or solely compatible with a prohibited product will be suppressed (e.g., hidden) from GSA Advantage! and removed from the contract
Visit this page for more information.


Recognize and Avoid Phishing Emails

GSA vendors may be the targets of fraudulent phishing emails. Phishing is a scheme that lures victims into providing personal or financial information. Do not open unsolicited emails or suspicious attachments/links. These emails may contain harmful viruses and malware, and may result in identity theft.

To protect yourself against these types of scams and malware campaigns follow these precautionary measures:

  • Do not follow links in unsolicited email messages
  • Do not open or download attachments in unsolicited email messages
  • Do not send any form of payment to unknown individuals
  • Keep antivirus software up-to-date
  • Refer to Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s Security Tips on Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks for additional techniques and recommendations


GSA Launches Final Phase of MAS Consolidation

On August 1, 2020, GSA began Phase 3 of Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Consolidation. This requires all current contractors with more than one contract to consolidate their offerings down to one contract per unique entity identifier (UEI), e.g. Data Universal Numbers System (DUNS) number. Read the press release and Interact post for all the details.


A new way to Sign In will be coming soon to Mass Mods

The U.S. government, as part of their CyberSecurity National Action Plan, has mandated the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all Federal government websites. In an effort to comply with these mandates and strengthen the security of our websites, GSA will be implementing Multi-Factor Authentication on Mass Mods.


Spring 2020 MAS Quarterly Newsletter Now Available!

Every quarter the Multiple Award Schedules Program Management Office (MAS PMO) publishes a newsletter of all the latest important updates our industry partners need to know. Get it here.


GSA's Federal Marketplace Strategy Spring '20 Release Now Available!

Read about the Four Cornerstone Initiatives (4Cs) of the Federal Marketplace Strategy and how these projects updates and improvements will make the buyer, supplier and acquisition workforce experiences better!


Final MAS Modification Guidance Now Available

The MAS Modification Guidance is now final and ready for use by contractors that have accepted the MAS Consolidation Mass Mod. Visit our Contract Requirements and Modification Guidance page and scroll down to the "Modifications and Mass Modifications" section to download.


Winter 2020 MAS Quarterly Newsletter Now Available!

Read about the consolidated Schedule mass modification to update current contracts, discover MAS training opportunities at FAST 2020, learn about program updates, and more! Get it here.


Fall 2019 MAS Quarterly Newsletter Now Available!

Read about the new consolidated Schedule, download updated FAQs, learn about program updates, and more! Get it here.


Attention industry partners selling water-efficient products!

On October 3, GSA enhanced the process it uses to identify EPA WaterSense certified products on GSAAdvantage!. Previously, contractors had to manually select the WaterSense icon in the Schedule Input Program (SIP) and GSA contracting officers had to review and approve the designation(s). Under the new process, GSA will leverage EPA’s WaterSense product registry to directly assign the icon to compliant products on GSAAdvantage!. If you have a WaterSense-certified product posted on GSAAdvantage! that does not have the icon and you wish to add it, please contact the Vendor Support Center Helpdesk (877-495-4849 or


The Consolidated Solicitation for the 24 Multiple Awards Schedules Is Now Available!

On October 1, 2019, GSA unveiled its new solicitation that modernizes federal acquisition by consolidating and streamlining the existing 24 Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) into a single Schedule for products, services, and solutions. At this time, only new contracts will be placed on the consolidated Schedule solicitation, which streamlines and simplifies the order process for new contractors. Contractors already on Schedule will not be affected by the new solicitation until the mass modification takes effect in calendar year 2020.


GSA is Extending the Current Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) Pilot through FY2020

Transactional Data Reporting (TDR), a GSA Acquisition Regulation (GSAR) rule published in 2016, has been implemented as a 3-year, optional pilot that includes eight specific Schedules and Special Item Numbers (SINs). GSA is extending the optional TDR pilot through FY2020 to allow for focus on MAS consolidation and additional data collection. Read more on the MAS Interact page.


GSA announces first Federal Marketplace Strategy release!

GSA’s first Federal Marketplace (FMP) Strategy release is now available! The FMP Summer ‘19 Release delivers an integrated set of policy, process, and technology improvement to modernize and simplify the buying and selling experience for customers, suppliers, and the acquisition workforce. Find out what GSA is doing to improve your experience in the federal marketplace. We’ve made progress on several key projects including: MAS Consolidation updates, GSA Advantage! enhancements, easier wage determinations in, and more! Explore now and join the FMP Community of Practice. We want to connect with problem solvers and shape an experience that works better for everyone.


MAS Consolidation Training Webinar Recording Now Available

The webinar recording of the MAS Consolidation training for industry partners is now available on the GSA YouTube page. It includes an update on the overarching strategy for MAS Consolidation, details about the impacts to prospective offerors and current MAS contract holders, and extensive Q&A.


Delinquency Notice Dated May 1, 2019

Please disregard any sales reporting delinquency notices you received from the FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP) on May 1, 2019. No action is required on your part at this time. Thank you and we appreciate your patience as we correct this issue.


Digital Certification Requirements and Multiple Award Schedules Contracts

We’d like to make you aware of an upcoming change to the FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP).

All MAS contract holders are currently required to have a valid digital certificate in order to access the eOffer/eMod application and FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP). This digital certificate allows both systems to authenticate your identity, allowing you to electronically sign contractual documents or submit MAS contract sale reports.

Beginning May 1, 2019, the FAS SRP application will remove this digital certification requirement and move to a two-step authentication process. This change aligns with GSA’s overall IT modernization efforts to build and maintain a more modern and secure infrastructure for its IT systems. Please note that this change does not remove or impact the digital certification requirement for the eOffer/eMod application. You must maintain an active digital certificate to keep your contract current through the eOffer/eMod system.


72A Sales Adjustments and Contract Closeout Sales Reporting

Attention Contractors:

Effective April 1, 2019, GSA will be disabling the sales adjustment and closeout sales functionality in the 72A Sales Reporting System. This change is required so GSA can migrate the historical data contained in the 72A Sales Reporting System into the FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP). Please be advised that all sales adjustments and closeout actions must wait until the historical data is migrated and available in the FAS SRP.  We estimate this will be complete by late July 2019.

We will continue to communicate during the data migration process and will advise when sales adjustments and closeouts can resume in FAS SRP.

Please send any questions to Thank you for your patience during this migration and transition period.


Currently reporting in 72A? Important Sales Reporting Portal (SRP) Transition Updates Just Announced

Attention contract holders! Please visit GSA Interact Post – Step-By-Step Guide for a Smooth FAS Sales Reporting Transition by April 1, 2019 for instructions to complete your transition from GSA’s legacy 72A Reporting System to GSA’s FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP). You will report sales and remit IFF in 72A for the final time in April 2019, and after May 1, 2019 you will need to go to the FAS SRP website and register for the required multi-factor authentication process.

The change will allow contractors to use a single system for reporting sales and remitting the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF). This is a reporting system transition only and no changes will be made to the terms and conditions of your contract. Note: Contracts with active claims will not be transitioned out of 72A at this time.

03/20/2019 Redesign

We heard you! We are excited to share that we have updated and streamlined our Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) information on our site! The motive behind the overhaul was simple: our stakeholders let us know that they were not having a positive experience finding the information they needed as it pertained to Schedules. In some instances, the information was not consistently represented and often not easy to understand! We listened and took action. The revamped site now provides clear, concise information about the program in an easy to navigate format, using clearly defined user paths for prospective buyers and potential or existing industry partners. The MAS program content is now organized by user, in plain language, and resources are outlined in one place. Find what you need or who you need to talk to find the answer. We are committed to listening to our stakeholders and to making the MAS program easy, efficient and modern. We are here to help!