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Options for Getting on GSA Advantage!

There are two ways you can list your products on GSA Advantage!, you can either download special software for free from GSA called SIP, or use a commercial software to upload through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Don't know the difference between SIP or EDI? click here

What is SIP?

SIP is the Schedule Input Program provided by GSA to you the vendor at no charge. The Vendor Support Center is here to provide you support with this program. This program is the source of getting your GSA/FSS catalog onto GSA Advantage!

What is EDI?

EDI is Electronic Data Interchange. Please contact a Value Added Network, software provider, or third party consultant to obtain their services. These services use various software packages so you must work directly with them to coordinate file submission. Contact the EDI help desk on 703-605-9444 for more information.

SIP (Most Popular Option & Free)

SIP (Schedule Input Program) is provided by GSA to you the vendor at no charge. The Vendor Support Center is here to provide you support with this program. This program is the source of getting your GSA/FSS catalog onto GSA Advantage!

SIP Tools

SIP Guidance

When uploading your final GSA Advantage!® price lists in the Schedules Input Program (SIP), use the SIP “change” button to upload only the items being added, deleted, or updated. It is more efficient and provides a significantly lower risk of inadvertently damaging your established GSA Advantage!® portfolio and or file.

Do not hit the SIP “replace” button to upload your entire GSA contract portfolio after every mod. If you have questions concerning preparing and submitting your electronic catalog using the SIP, contact the VSC at 877-495-4849 (M-F 8:30-5:30 PM EST) or email

Ensure the SIP file is accurate and reflects the most recent changes that have been approved by the CO/CS. Only upload approved contract items and/or services on GSA Advantage!®. Inform the CO/CS assigned to the contract of any pending changes. Most changes to your electronic catalog file require an approved modification of contract before you can update the changes in the SIP and uploaded on GSA Advantage!®

Also, your GSA Advantage!® file must be current and up to date. Therefore, you must upload the SIP file at least every two years to avoid suspension in GSA Advantage!®.

Even if you have not had any changes to your products and/or service offerings, you must still update/verify/upload the file every two years. Otherwise, your electronic catalog file will be removed/suspended from GSA Advantage!®.

The SIP file (text file) on GSA Advantage!® should contain the complete GSA price list to include the cover page and terms and conditions as specified in clause I-FSS-600, Contract Price Lists, and any more information required by the Large Category attachment in the MAS solicitation.

Need technical assistance with SIP?
Please contact the VSC staff Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time, at (877) 495-4849, or via email at

SIP Training

Every Wednesday at 1PM there will be an on-line SIP training session, alternating between products and services. The training session will last approximately 2 hours. A maximum of 20 vendors will be trained during each session.

SIP Training sessions are organized in two groups based on if the contractors sell products or if they only offer services.

Please choose from one of the following options below:

Product Contractor Training Sessions - Product training sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Downloading and installing the SIP software
  • Entering data manually
  • Importing product information using Excel
  • Uploading files using SIP
  • Uploading manually via the web (for firewall issues)
  • Downloading and processing response files

Service Only Contractor Training Sessions - Service ONLY training sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Downloading and installing the SIP software
  • Entering data
  • Attaching service catalog(s) in HTML, Word, Excel, or PDF format
  • Uploading files using SIP
  • Uploading manually via the web (for firewall issues)
  • Downloading and processing response files

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Electronic Data Interchange or EDI, is a type of paid commercial software that allows computer-to-computer exchange of business information using a standardized format. EDI systems allow the electronic acceptance, processing, invoicing, and/or payment of orders between multiple parties.

The EDI functions can be a stand-alone software or an internal piece of a large operations management software package such as SAP, ERP, etc.

EDI-type software is offered by multiple commercial sources. In addition to commercial off-the-shelf packages, there are also Value Added Networks and third parties who can assist you. These services use various software packages, so you must work directly with them to coordinate file submission. If you are interested in learning more about EDI, call our EDI Help Desk at 703-605-9444.

EDI Tools

EDI Technical Help
Need technical assistance with EDI? Please call our EDI Help Desk at 703-605-9444.

What is a price list and why do I need one?

Learn about the difference between an "electronic catalog" and a "terms & conditions price list" as well as why you need both of them. See the MAS Consolidation Mass Mod 812 Price List/Text File guide.

Electronic Catalog
Contractors upload electronic catalog files to GSA Advantage!. GSA will provide instructions on distributing your electronic catalog after award. Please contact your PCO if you have any questions regarding these instructions. The clauses listed below discuss electronic catalog files. Contractors should follow the instructions in these clauses for distributing the contractor’s electronic catalog files. Please review any PCO instructions and the following contract clauses for more information.

  • 552.238-77 Submission and Distribution of Authorized FSS Schedule price lists
  • 552.238-103 ELECTRONIC COMMERCE (MAY 2019)
  • 552.238-88 GSA ADVANTAGE!®. (MAY 2019)

Having up-to-date information posted in GSA Advantage! lets government customers find you and gives you access to GSA eBuy.

Please note that you must validate or update your GSA Advantage! file(s) at least every two years to remain active in the GSA Advantage! and GSA eBuy websites. Click here for more information on this requirement.

Terms & Conditions price lists
Authorized Price Lists are NOT simply your list of prices! Your price list should be used to communicate your products, services, and terms and conditions to potential GSA contract customers. GSA contract customers use your price list to compare your products/services and terms and conditions with those of other contractors. (Hint: Many GSA contractors also post a copy of this price list to GSA Advantage! for greater exposure.)

Any contract clause may be tailored for your specific acquisition center and/or contract. You always need to read your contract to find the format(s) you should follow. For instance, below are several price list clauses:

  • I-FSS-600 Contract Price Lists (Jul 2004)
  • I-FSS-600 Contract Price Lists (Jul 2004) (Alternate I - Dec 2008)

It is a contract requirement to keep your contract price list current throughout the life of the contract. Remember your GSA Schedule contract price list also includes the terms and conditions of the GSA contract.

Send a copy of your Terms & Conditions price list to GSA’s National Customer Service Center at (This allows GSA’s National Customer Service Center easier access to your contract information when talking with government customers.) Hint: Remember to send an updated copy of your Terms & Conditions price list to GSA’s National Customer Service Center AND upload an updated GSA Advantage! files after each contract price list modification.

GSA Advantage! Hints/Tips:

Suspension Due to Inactivity
All GSA Advantage! files must be updated or validated at least every two years. GSA Advantage! files older than two years could be removed from GSA Advantage!. If your file is removed from GSA Advantage! for lack of activity, you will also lose access to the GSA eBuy and the GSA Reverse Auctions systems until a new GSA Advantage! file is posted.

Not sure when you last updated or validated your GSA Advantage! files? Check here.

National Stock Number Reminders!

We are aware that there may be some confusion surrounding National Stock Numbers (NSNs) and your Schedules contract. We’d like to remind all MAS contract holders that:

  • Contractors are not awarded NSNs with their Schedule contract
  • With the exception of AbilityOne products, NSNs are not to be listed on GSA Advantage!Ⓡ A complete list of authorized vendors who can distribute AbilityOne Program products to Federal customers, and therefore can list NSNs on their product descriptions, can be viewed here.

Be aware that some consultants may offer a service that claims to match your item with an NSN by cross referencing an NSN database with MAS product descriptions. This is a prohibited practice. NSNs are only assigned after a GSA Contracting Officer or Engineer examines technical information submitted by the contractor and confirms that the product matches predetermined requirements.

Also, please leave the NSN field blank when using the Schedules Input Program (SIP) to upload your electronic catalog to GSA Advantage!. Be advised that you will be asked to remove self-provided NSN references from your product descriptions.

If you have any questions about NSNs and your Schedules contract, please contact your Contracting Officer.

GSA Advantage! Product Descriptions
Be specific in describing your offerings in order to set yourself apart from the competition. In your description of your products or services, use generic terminology and keywords that your potential customers may use in their searches. Remember, GSA Advantage! is run by a search engine.

To be on the safe side, your GSA Advantage! files should:

  • Identify your product or service correctly
  • Include a picture, if a product
  • List the correct manufacturer and manufacturer assigned product number, instead of internal SKUs, if a product
  • Use applicable “Green” Product Icons
  • Use the volume discount and sale functions to identify additional savings
  • Show procurement programs you participate such as: Blanket Purchase Agreements, and State and Local options.

Like eLibrary, you should review your GSA Advantage! presence regularly to make sure all of your product and/or service information is correct and that any links included in your GSA Advantage! file take the customers to the right place. Remember, many federal customers use GSA Advantage! as a research tool to identify potential sources. Keeping your GSA Advantage! information current and attractive is more than just a contractual requirement, it's good marketing!

Photo Requirement Information
GSA Contracts with certain SINs (Special Item Numbers) are required to submit at least one photo as part of their GSA Advantage! file submissions. Use this table to find out the requirements for your contract.

The number one customer complaint about GSA Advantage! in our surveys is the lack of pictures. In general, it's a good idea to use photos and graphics to represent the products that you're offering. Don't use your company logo or a photo of a different product/model than what you are actually selling; this does not help the government customer understand your product. Click here for instructions on how to upload photos with your GSA Advantage! file submissions. (Be sure to also review the updates to the SIP and EDI Photo Upload Process.)

UPC Requirement Information
Certain SINs (Special Item Numbers) are required to include UPC codes as part of their GSA Advantage! file submissions. Use this table to find out the requirements for your contract. If your contract does require you to submit UPC information, please note that the minimum requirement is that you submit one UPC code per SIN. Providing UPC codes in your GSA Advantage! files provides your company more exposure and allows government customers the ability to find your products more easily; therefore, it behooves you to provide as many UPC codes as possible.

In order to locate a UPC code for your product(s):

  • Ask manufacturer
  • Browse manufacturer’s website
  • Browse commercial websites (i.e. internet search)
  • Look at the product packaging
  • Buy a UPC code (manufacturers only)

GSA does not expect you to buy a UPC code. If none of the products on your GSA contract have UPC codes, please contact the VSC Help Desk and explain your situation. The VSC Helpdesk technician will assist you in obtaining a waiver for this requirement.

Part Numbers on GSA Advantage

Use of Universal Product Codes and Manufacturer Part Number on GSA Advantage and Pricelists
GSA is embarking on several initiatives to improve the quality of our offerings on Multiple Award Schedules (MAS). As such, we are seeking strong collaboration with our industry partners to help us improve product number data quality on MAS through submission of all awarded base products and associated descriptive data on GSA Advantage. The anticipated outcome of this effort is to provide agencies with quality, meaningful, and complete data to better search and compare products. This initiative is one of many steps we're taking to improve agencies' experience when using MAS to meet their mission-critical needs.

For contractors who primarily offer products, GSA would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help to improve the integrity of your schedule offerings by submitting Universal Product Codes (UPC) and Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) for each awarded contract item. Doing so can yield numerous advantages to you - our valued industry partner.

By providing a comprehensive list of awarded base products and their associated UPCs/MPNs on GSA Advantage, you can potentially yield:

  • Increased business from federal, state, and local government buyers who are looking for standard Universal Product Codes (UPC) to make accurate product comparisons through a quick search
  • Increased visibility from government buyers by reducing the number of redundant product search results
  • Compliance with the requirements of clause I-FSS-600 Contract Price Lists (Oct 2013), 552.238-71, Submission and Distribution of Authorized FSS Schedule Price Lists, & SCP-FSS-001 Instructions Applicable to All Offerors (March 2014)

As mentioned, this initiative not only strengthens agencies' ability to find you on GSA Advantage but also ensures that your contract is in compliance with the requirements of clause I-FSS-600 Contract Price Lists (Oct 2013) and 552.238-71 Submission and Distribution of Authorized FSS Schedule Price Lists. Per the clause, price lists (catalog files) must be complete and include all supplies, prices, and terms and conditions that were accepted by the Government at award and should include accurate product descriptive data. Ideally, a complete price list means all awarded base products are listed with all product descriptive data including product name, description, Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) and Universal Product Code (UPC) when available. Base products are considered the basic model without any options or accessories.

We understand that the UPC is not available for all products. GSA is not asking you to register your products for a UPC; however, we are requesting that you make an effort to obtain the UPC from the manufacturer and provide that UPC as part of your data upload. If a product does not have a UPC, please make every attempt to use the Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) as required. Please upload all base product contract line items with UPC and MPN to GSA Advantage via SIP within 90 days.

For frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and additional information regarding UPCs and MPNs please click here.

We invite you to engage in an open dialogue with us. Please let us know what you think and how we can improve data quality moving forward. Join the conversation on MAS Interact.