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GSA Advantage! Details

Startup kit
An overview of how to get your files posted on GSA Advantage!.

Register Your Contract With the VSC
In order to register your first MAS contract, the system will ask for your contract number and GSA will collect some of your information. The website will then prompt you to fill in a few fields. This will make the process quicker and easier for you.

You may register your newly awarded contract for either SIP or EDI. You will need to have a few pieces of information available when registering:

  1. Contract Type (Hint: The “MAS / VA“ is the most popular. This is referring the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts or VA MAS contracts.)
  2. Contract number
  3. DUNS number

All of the fields on the registration page are required, with the exception of Alt. email, Schedule number, and Alt. Address. If you register with the wrong DUNS number, please call the Vendor Support Center at 877-495-4849.

Hint: The registration page allows you to register an additional contract just by entering your DUNS number and password. Once you have completed this step, the system will pull your information from GSA’s records and ask you to supply the new contract number. When you have provided the new contract number, the registration process for your additional contract is complete.

If you wish to register for SIP or EDI at this time please click here.

Click here to update your company’s User Profile with the VSC.