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Market Research Details

Customer Profiles

Many contractors simply wait for GSA Schedule sales. Instead, they should identify their target market and find contacts within those target agencies. Perhaps the most important aspect of marketing involves defining your target audience and determining what messages will influence their purchasing behaviors. Potential customers include federal agencies (civilian and military), state and local governments, tribal organizations, and other non-federal entities. No matter the customer, you need to be able to show how your business can help them focus on their mission, utilize limited budgets, streamline transactions, lower costs, maintain control and minimize risks.

Your research should begin with the customer agency's web site to gather the following information:

  • Organizational information
  • History and mission
  • Structure and organizational chart
  • Strategic plans, descriptive information on growth areas and budgets
  • Products/services purchased (list of primary products/services)
  • Personnel with titles and telephone numbers
  • Procurement information, such as:
    • Contracting officer/Contract Specialist contact information
    • How to do business information
    • Acquisition plans
    • Active contract lists
    • Contract awards
    • Procurement forecasts
    • Where to find public bids
    • Freedom of information request contacts

Who Can Purchase From My MAS Contract?

This is a very common, yet important question. A GSA document titled "ADM 4800.2I" officially details who is eligible to purchase from an MAS contract. In GSA terms, it dictates and assigns eligibility to utilize GSA sources of supply. In addition to determining eligibility for using schedule contracts, the ADM 4800.2I also provides a contractor with an encompassing list of potential customers.

GSA ADM 4800.2I also discusses several programs allowing State and Local Governments to purchase through the GSA contract. Keep in mind that some State and Local Government programs apply only to specific schedules and have different eligibility requirements. The latest version of the ADM 4800.2I is available on the GSA website.

In special circumstances, State and Local Governments can use MAS contracts for their procurement needs. Click here to find other programs that allow you to expand your customer base and increase opportunities.

Largest MAS Customers

Based on data collected over the past several years, GSA has identified the following agencies and military branches as the largest customers to make purchases through the MAS program:

Additional Internet Resources

If you are interested in a deeper level of research, feel free to check out the following sites as well.