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  GSA Brand/Logo Guidance
  Guidelines on Use of GSA Brand/Logo for GSA Contract & Schedule Holders
  Guidelines are available on (and linked here) that provide GSA contract and schedule holders direction on the restricted use of the GSA Star Mark logo on promotional materials.
  Our Brand
  The GSA brand identity system is a way of giving structure and consistency to all our communications. It is not intended to inhibit creativity and innovation; instead, it will help us communicate more powerfully by giving us a common framework. As we work within this system, our communications will make a stronger, more lasting impact on the people we serve.
  The GSA visual system is a common “look and feel” that is to be applied to all GSA communications in order to give everything from business cards and publications to web pages and exhibits a consistent structure and recognizable appearance. This system will help us communicate more powerfully by giving us a common framework and will make a stronger, more lasting impact on our audiences. It comprises the GSA star mark, the GSA signature, the GSA single type family, the 8-band grid, and the GSA naming convention.
  Our Symbol
  Our symbol is the GSA star mark. Like our visual system, the GSA star mark is inspired by the American flag. The blue square and star evoke the blue field and white stars in the flag. In the flag, the stars represent the 50 states. In the star mark, the single star stands for each of our employees, who are the core of the GSA organization. By featuring our monogram, GSA, in the star mark, we clearly identify ourselves. The GSA star mark is the official and sole identifying mark for the agency and all agency programs as put forth by GSA Order 1808.1. It can be downloaded from the Web where there are a variety of high- and low-resolution versions in a number of different formats (i.e. tiff, jpg, gif, eps, bmp) for PC and Macintosh.
  You can reach the star mark download page through the GSA Portal. ( - GSA Logo Download
  For more information on GSA's Marketing efforts, please call 703-605-5640.
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