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Upcoming Change to GSA Advantage! Purchase Order Numbering Process

We have an important announcement regarding an upcoming change to the GSA Advantage! Purchase Order (PO) numbering process. With this new process, the PO number will no longer be modifiable. This means that purchasers will no longer be able to manually enter a PO number. We currently anticipate implementing this change in late Spring 2017, and will post another update when we have an exact date.

With the implementation of this change, the PO number will change as well and will always comprise 13 characters (example: 47QDCC17F0001) and will conform to the following format:

  • Positions 1-6 - AAC - all orders will use the GSA Advantage AAC of “47QDCC”
  • Positions 7-8 - Fiscal Year
  • Position 9 - Instrument Type
  • Positions 10-13 - Sequence Number


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