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Green Contract Knowledge

Advantage Help
All contractors are required to upload their approved GSA Schedule pricelist on GSA Advantage!. For those contractors that provide products you most likely use the Schedule Input Program or SIP. This page will provide you the instructions to add the environmental icons to your products in GSA Advantage! whether it be one by one or through an Excel file upload.

Listing Icons on GSA Advantage!

SIP - Direct Entry
  1. Follow the standard procedure for inputting your product information (Refer to SIP Instruction Guide Section 3.3).
  2. After you close the Price Information box, the Environmental/Special Features box will appear (screenshot provided). Check the attributes that apply to your product.
    Environmental/Special Features
  3. Repeat for each additional product.

SIP - Import

  1. Go to the Excel worksheet labeled "IMSG".
  2. Input the contract number in column A, manufacturer's part number in column B, and the correct environmental code in column C.
  3. If your product contains recycled content, indicate the type in column D.

Contract Clauses
Many of the Schedule contracts currently have clauses in the basic solicitation that requires certain products to meet environmental factors. To see if your contract is one those we have provided a list of all the contracts what clauses they include.