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EDI CHANGES: We want to allow for more types of files to be allowed, so in order to support that we can't wrap them in an 864 transaction set format.

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) and Service related text files will then be allowed to be submitted using .pdf, .doc, .xls, and html.

Here's the EDI specific information:

  • To accommodate the text filename in the 832 the REF segment in the header will be used. The "TN" qualifier will be used in the REF01 and the actual filename will be placed in the REF03.

Additional notes:

  1. Any 864 still sitting in CORs after that date will still be allowed to be approved or rejected by the CO but we will no longer accept any new 864s after that date.
  2. The filenames of these .pdfs, .xls, .docs, .html must not contain spaces.
  3. There is no size limit.
  4. When ftp'd to GSA, the filename must be the contractnumber_filename(of the document).correct extension.

If you have any additional questions contact our support center. Thank you.