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SIP Helpful Hints
You are given three options on where to enter your data

Option 1 Product Information

Option 1 is to enter your data as a product.

Do not enter your data under the products category. It will be rejected. As refinements are made to GSA Advantage! you may experience problems if your SERVICES information is loaded under the section to collect product information.

Option 2 Services Information

Option 2 is to enter your data under the services category.

This option should only be used for services that can be ordered without developing a statement of work. We envision VERY LIMITED use of this option because almost all services require the development of a statement of work. In some instances, services may be ordered without developing a statement of work if the purchase of the service is ancillary to a purchase of a product. For example, the services required to install carpet.

If in doubt please enter your data as a text file (Option 3) and DO NOT use the service information option. If you use this option incorrectly, the file will be rejected by the GSA Contracting Officer reviewing your submission and the data will not be uploaded to GSA Advantage!.

  • Each SIN and its respective information must be entered one at a time meaning you cannot highlight all the SINs your company provides all at once.
  • Part number is a required field. To accommodate Services, we suggest you enter an abbreviation of your labor category.
  • In the Description of Service, please enter a description of your labor category and its requirements. For example, Graphic Designer requires a college degree with 4 years experience.
  • Product Code - Click onto this field each time you enter information. Click onto Services and proceed to categorize your information.
  • Hours should be highlighted under the Unit field
  • Time of Delivery is a required field. We recommend you enter the number "1" for time of delivery. It was originally set-up for products, thus the number of days required. To compensate, we suggest you add the following statement in the text portion, "Time of Delivery for Services will vary depending upon the complexity of the task requested."
  • Next to the Time of Delivery field is another related field. In this field you should choose "From date of award to date of completion (services only)"
  • Please be advised that you may enter information under the Services category as well as the TEXT category. This will only help your company in having a presence on GSA Advantage!.

Option 3 Text/Reference Information

Option 3 is to enter your data under the Text category.

  • You may enter your data by typing it directly into the text section.
  • You may import your data from a file already established elsewhere on your computer or system.
  • If you choose to import your data, you must save the document you wish to import as a Text or Html file, not a word document. The information below applies to both Text and Html files, although the phrase "text file" is used throughout.
  • We recommend that if you save your information as a text file, to review the information again after saving it. You may encounter some spacing and formatting problems. GSA will not format your data, therefore it will be entered into the system exactly as you provide it to us.
  • We recommend you provide information about the Services you provide as it relates to your contract. List your labor categories, a definition of your labor categories, and your pricing as well. It may be best to put this information into a table that is easy to view.
  • If you have a website, we recommend you provide a URL Link inside the text.
  • If your Government web presence is just a page on your commercial website, we recommend you list the specific URL for government information. The less steps a user has to go through to get to your information the better.
  • Describe the services being offered under your GSA schedule contract using key words that you believe potential customers will input into a search feature to locate your services.
  • If you are referencing your website, we recommend you create a table of contents at the beginning of the webpage (preferably sorted by SIN). For each SIN, (or labor category you might consider making a link to where the information is located further down on the page. We also strongly encourage you to follow the format outlined below:
    • Company name
    • Table of Contents (by SIN). This may be included under ordering instructions.
    • Ordering instructions/terms and conditions
    • Company overview (if necessary)
    • Description of services offered under each Special Item Number (IMPORTANT)!
    • Definitions of Labor Categories (include education, experience, special skills, areas of specialization, etc.)
  • Please note that the text file box (will only allow one text file to be entered per schedule. Therefore, if you have multiple SINs under one schedule, it is recommended that you follow the above outline and type the information about each SIN all at once. The text file does not have a size limit, so you will have plenty of space, but if you proceed to enter a completely new entry into the text box at another juncture, that entry will override the first entry you typed. This does not preclude you from going back to make edits.
  • If you reference your website, your webpage must have the capability to allow the user to hit the back button on their browser to allow them to go back into GSA Advantage!.

We recommend you provide a table as an easy means to show the different labor categories and other awarded items/services as well as the respective pricing for each. It is strongly recommended that the labor category hyperlink to a definition of that labor category on the same page. If your prices change, you are responsible for updating and resubmitting your prices on the text file.

After you have completed loading your information on every window or section, and have saved everything, you then should proceed back to the top of the page. You will see a list of choices going across the top bar. They are as follows:

File, Edit, Tools, Communications, Windows, Help
Click onto Communications and then click onto "Create Catalogue Files". This is the process that converts your information into a format that can be loaded to GSA Advantage!. Once that is complete, go back to the bar at the top of the page and click onto Communications again. This time, click onto the choice Send/Receive files. This will allow you to send your information to GSA for review before the information can go live. From there, click onto the send button, and your files will be sent to GSA for review.