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Publishing accurate photos of offered items on GSA Advantage! avoids buyer confusion and reduces returns. With so many products on GSA Advantage, making sure that your products have a detailed product name, thorough descriptions, and clear, high quality photos help your products stand out.

Contractors selling designated products* under their MAS Contract on Advantage are required to have photos for each product listed, with certain exceptions. Contractors shall submit photos, linked to each product (depicting the specific product sold) when uploading their catalogue to Advantage!

*For the complete list of Schedules/SINs that require photos please use the Schedules SIN|MOL|Photo|UPC Look Up Table on the Vendor Support Center to review your product photo requirements.

All photos may be submitted via SIP or EDI and must meet upload requirements found in the following guidance:

Submit a product URL containing a photo and/or other product information: You may also indicate a web site address (URL) for each product if you wish. If your company maintains a web site that contains pictures and/or other information on your products, you may indicate those specific web site addresses with your catalog submission. Products on GSA Advantage! with a web site address, as provided by the vendor, will have direct links to that vendor's web site address. In order to improve the use of this link, GSA will create a new and prominent link on the product's detail page whenever a vendor has submitted a product level URL. Clicking on the link will open up a new browser showing the page as directed by the URL submitted.

Policy on submission of embedded HTML
Vendors have begun submitting HTML tags within the product description (EDI vendors using the PID segment) which when displayed in a browser, provides photos and other links to product information. Embedded HTML [tags within the product description (EDI vendors using the PID segment) which when displayed in a browser, provides photos and other links to product information] can create a number of problems related to page presentation, file validation, and order generation. HTML embedded in the description can conflict with the page's dynamic HTML and can alter or distort GSA Advantage! search results, detail and configuration web pages. Further, it requires an increased validation burden, for all incoming 832 catalog records that significantly increase file processing time for all vendors. As a result, vendors will no longer be permitted to submit HTML within the product description PID segment or any other field not designated for this purpose. GSA acknowledges that the additional information provided via vendor HTML is a benefit to our ordering customers. As a result we would like to accomplish this via the photo and URL submission processes mentioned above.