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Specific Audience

Office of Small Business Utilization
GSA's OSBU has developed a variety of resources to help small businesses succeed in partnering with GSA. This website provides instructional videos and publications aimed at helping small businesses.

Training for Small Businesses
GSA created this training exclusively for small businesses to stay competitive in the federal market. Online and onsite federal experts offer small businesses the training tools to succeed. GSA offers a mix of small business development webinars, conferences and networking events both nationally and throughout the agency's eleven regions.

Special Types of Contracting
Within your Multiple-Award Schedule (MAS) Contracts GSA offers supplemental contracting options. These supplemental options can be used to increase your opportunities to succeed in the federal marketplace.

AbilityOne Program Overview
Federal Law provides a preference for purchasing certain products and services from participating, community-based nonprofit agencies dedicated to training and employing individuals with disabilities. Contractors should be aware of this preference if they wish to sell products or services to the Federal Government that are "Essentially The Same" as AbilityOne products. Contractors wishing to sell “Essentially The Same” may do so as an Authorized Distributor for AbilityOne. For more information about the AbilityOne Program, please visit or view this presentation.

72A to FAS Sales Reporting Transition Page
Important information related to transitioning from 72A Sales Reporting to FAS Sales Reporting.