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Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Initiatives

The Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) possesses unrivaled capability to deliver secure and compliant products and services across government at the best value possible. FAS contractors play a crucial role in this value proposition by actively managing their product catalogs to ensure only compliant products are offered to customer agencies.

FAS regularly analyzes Schedule contracts to ensure awarded products are not a threat to the federal supply chain and comply with statutory and regulatory requirements.

During the life of your contract, FAS may email your company’s point of contact for contract administration and/or authorized negotiators regarding potentially non-compliant products. If you are contacted, please respond to GSA in accordance with the instructions in the email you receive. In some cases, the product(s) may be compliant, but a response from you will be required in order to avoid removal of the product(s) from the contract.

You may be contacted regarding one of the following supply chain risks on your Schedule contract:

  • Country of origin (COO) and other catalog issues (read more here)
    • Products that are not compliant with the Trade Agreements Act (see FAR clause 52.225-5)
    • Products that inaccurately list the country of origin as “US” in GSA Advantage!®
    • Identical products awarded on the same contract to the same Special Item Number (SIN) at different price points
  • Products with national security risks (read more here)
    • Hardware, software and services developed or provided by Kaspersky Lab (see FAR clause 52.204-23)
    • Certain telecommunication and video surveillance services (see FAR clause 52.204-25)
  • Essentially the Same (ETS) (read more here)
    • Products that are "essentially the same" as AbilityOne products (see FAR clause 52.208-9)

If you have any questions about these initiatives, please reach out to the GSA acquisition personnel designated on your contract, which can be found on the FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP) once you log into the site.