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A modification is any change made to your MAS contract. Your GSA contract will prove to be more valuable to you if you take good care of it. That’s why it’s so important to keep your contract up-to-date with the help of modifications. You should work with your PCO to adjust your prices in accordance with the terms and conditions of your contract; maintain the overall health of your contract by removing obsolete items or labor categories and adding new ones; make sure your customers and GSA know what your legal name is; and update your contact information so that you can be reached!

How to Request a Modification
Access to instructions on how to request a modification specific to your schedule.

eMod is the online contract modification request tool that allows you, the GSA MAS contract holder, to make modification requests for your MAS contract.

Modification Contract Clauses
There are three important contract clauses related to modifying your MAS contract. It is important that contractors become familiar with these clauses prior to submitting modifications to your MAS contract.

Mass Modifications
GSA periodically refreshes the terms and conditions of its Schedule solicitations. Clauses may be updated, added or deleted. When a Schedule refresh happens, GSA will initiate a “Mass Modification” (Mass Mod) applicable to all Schedule contract holders. GSA may issue several Mass Mods during the term of your contract, and it is mandatory that you take action on each of these Mass Mods.

Option Process (OPEN)
Option Process Ensuring iNtegrity (OPEN) is the process for exercising options to extend the period of a Federal Supply Service contract. The goal of OPEN is to streamline the process to extend your contract through the next option period.