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Modification Options

A modification is a change to the contractual terms of your contract. Changes can be requested by GSA, or by contract holders.

How to Request a Modification

The eMod system is used to request a modification to your contract. If you need additional modification information, please visit the table of contents on the eOffer/eMod Help Center. For more information, please access the modification instructions for the Multiple Award Schedule.

Modification Contract Clauses

There are certain contract clauses that are particularly important when it comes to modifications. Contractors should familiarize themselves with the following common clauses which pertain to modifications:

Modifications Clause (552.243-72)
This clause provides common information that is required to be submitted to GSA when requesting to add products/services to the contract, add SINs to the contract, delete product/services from the contract, increase/decrease pricing and when a price reduction is triggered. The clause also discusses updating the contract electronic files and pricelists after a modification has been implemented.

Price Reductions (552.238-75)
When you were awarded your contract, you and your PCO should have established a customer or class of customer on which to base your award. In addition, the government’s price or discount relationship to the identified customer should have been established. That customer or class of customer, typically referred to as your ‘Basis of Award’ customer, is tied to the Price Reduction Clause. A price reduction can be triggered at any time during the contract period if you upset the pricing relationship by effectively lowering your pricing to the Basis of Award customer(s) for orders under the maximum order threshold specified in your contract. You are required to notify your PCO immediately, but not later than 15 calendar days after the effective date of any decreases that will impact this relationship. Please review your contract for specific details concerning your Basis of Award customer(s) and the pricing relationship with the GSA. GSA also recommends having a system or procedures in place to maintain the Basis of Award pricing relationship.

Note: Those contractors that have incorporated the Transactional Data Reporting clause will no longer be subject to the existing requirements for Commercial Sales Practices (CSP) disclosures and the Price Reductions Clause (PRC) Basis of Award monitoring.

Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) (552.216-70)
Multiple Award Schedule contracts permit the increase or decrease of prices according to commercial practices. Although a common thread of all contracts is that prices must remain constant over the first 12 months of your contract, other EPA provisions vary depending on how your contract was awarded. Contractors should review their own contract to determine the EPA clause incorporated in their specific contract and consult their PCO for further assistance.

Note: In addition to clauses listed above, there are numerous contract and SIN specific clauses which may apply to your contract - please refer to your contract for more detail.

Mass Modifications

Mass Modifications are government-initiated modifications that occur when a uniform change occurs under the MAS program. A prime example is a refresh to the terms and conditions of your contract.

Mass Modifications allow acquisition centers to access a large population of the contractor with ease. When a Mass Modification is issued, the contract Authorized Negotiator is notified via email. The email will inform the contractor on how to navigate to the Mass modification application inside the Vendor Support Center, where the Mass Modification can be found. The website contains detailed information educating the reader on the background, purpose and implications of each modification. At the conclusion, you will be asked to either accept or decline the modification.

Upon execution, a confirmation email containing a printable SF30 is sent to you via e-mail. The signed SF30 becomes part of your contract file, and should be retained. A copy is also sent to your PCO and ACO. Unlike modifications that you initiate, which are administered by your PCO, government-initiated modifications are administered by your ACO.

Click here for GSA's Mass Mod system

If you have problems accessing the Mass Modification please contact the eOffer/eMod Helpdesk at or (866) 472-9114.

If you have any question regarding the clauses in the Mass Modification, please contact your PCO.

OPEN (Option Process Ensuring iNtegrity) - Options/Contract Renewal Process

OPEN is the process for exercising options to extend the period of a Federal Supply Service contract. The goal of OPEN is to streamline the option process. The system will run a query every two weeks for contracts that are expiring in the next 250 days and send notification to the Contracting Officer (CO), Contract Specialist (CS), and Administrative Contracting Officers (ACO).

How does OPEN work?
As previously described, COs, CSs and ACOs will be notified 250 days prior to a contract expiring. Some contractors will then receive an email from the CO approximately 250 to 210 days before the expiration of their contract notifying them of the Government’s intent NOT to exercise the option clause and the reason for this decision. The remaining contractors will receive an email from the CO approximately 210 days before the expiration of their contract notifying them of the Government’s intent TO exercise the option. Copies of these emails ("Exclusion Determination Letter to Contractor" and "210 day Option Letter to Contractor") can be found here.

A video presentation about the OPEN process is also available here

When does my MAS contract expire?
You can find the current expiration date of your MAS contract in GSA eLibrary.

What can I do to make sure the OPEN process runs smoothly?
We have identified some typical stumbling blocks with the OPEN process and specific steps that industry partners can take to make sure the option process runs as smoothly as possible.

Below is a list of common challenges that can delay the option renewal process:

  • No authorized negotiator listed on the contract
  • Incorrect email contact information on the contract
  • Changes to the Basis of Award
  • Out-of-date records in
  • Outstanding mass mods
  • Out of date subcontracting plans
  • Contract Price Lists that need additions, deletions, economic price adjustments, etc.

In order for an OPEN modification to be unilateral, all routine contract administration must be completed PRIOR to exercising the option. This includes, but is not limited to: Economic Price Adjustments, additions, deletions and other modifications that would require a bilateral modification. The option letter, which is automatically sent to all contractors 210 days prior to contract expiration, asks for a letter on corporate letterhead signed by a corporate officer affirming that there have been no changes to the most currently incorporated version of the following:

  • Commercial Sales Practices
  • Price Reduction Clause Discount Relationship
  • Terms and Conditions
  • The Basis of Award

If you cannot affirm that there have been no changes to the above disclosures under your contract, you must submit a separate modification request before responding to the OPEN mod. If you have questions about this process, please contact your PCO.

Next steps
If you receive the email to exercise the option, you have two options. You may choose not to continue with the contract. This requires that you notify the PCO via eMod that you do not wish to continue. The other option is to respond to the Option Letter in writing via eMod within 45 days, providing the data requirements outlined in the Option Letter. When the PCO receives the response to the Option Letter, they will review the information provided and in some cases, may ask for additional clarification.

What to do if you need help
A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available here. If you experience any technical problems with the eMod system, call 1-866-472-9114 or email

Note: Current successful MAS contract holders approaching the end of their 20-year contract period are encouraged to learn more about GSA's Contract Continuity and Streamlined Offer process.