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What documents make up my "GSA contract?"

If you were recently awarded your schedule contract, do you know exactly what documents comprise your GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract? It is not limited to your signed SF 1449 (The SF 1449 is the document which states Standard Form 1449 in the bottom right hand corner). Similarly, your GSA contract is not limited to the price list you post in GSA Advantage!. Example SF 1449 Example Price List

GSA is now awarding all MAS contracts through eOffer. In addition to the electronically signed SF 1449, here is a general list of all documents you need to maintain to complete your MAS contract file:

  1. Any pages provided by the Contracting Officer attached to the SF 1449 (generally numbered 1A, 1B etc.)
  2. All document names listed on the second page of the SF 1449 (these are usually Word, Excel or PDF files you attached in eOffer)
  3. Final Proposal Revision or Clarification of Offer letter
  4. Completed Solicitation document, including pricing and technical proposals
  5. Any price lists or pricing documents submitted
  6. Other potential items include dated emails and SAM certifications incorporated by reference into the contract.
  7. Modification requests submitted through eMod. Modifications are composed of the electronically signed SF 30 form (states Standard Form 30 in the bottom right corner) as well as any documents submitted to receive approval, such as spreadsheets, price lists, letters, or other documents reviewed by your Contracting Officer. Example SF 30
  8. Mass modifications to your Schedule contract. These are the ones initiated by GSA, and signed by your company using a PIN provided by the Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO). A link to the completed and approved modification is sent via email to the company’s contract administrator. Mass Modifications (also known as a schedule refresh) are often very long; therefore, we discourage printing hard copies. Instead, save them electronically in a safe place and back them up often.
  9. Small Business Subcontracting Plan (if applicable). This document states your company’s intent to utilize Small Businesses to the maximum extent practicable, and outlines subcontracting goals to be met.

It is your responsibility to maintain organized copies of all contract documents. This is not an exhaustive list, but is meant to spark a review of award documentation by your company. These documents can be maintained in print or electronic form, although we recommend electronic whenever possible. Do not rely upon the eOffer system to store your contract documents; rather, save them on a shared company drive or on your computer.

Final Proposal Revision (FPR) letter
The official request for a Final Proposal Revision (FPR) letter was made by the GSA Contracting Officer after your GSA Multiple Award Schedule solicitation offer negotiations concluded. The GSA Contracting Officer would have notified your company that discussions pertaining to your multiple award solicitation were concluded, requiring you to create and submit your FPR Letter. The GSA Contracting Officer would have provided you with instructions on the proper content and formatting of your FPR response letter. It is written on your company letterhead, is addressed to the GSA Contracting Officer, and identifies specific topics related to your concluded negotiations with the GSA Contracting Officer. After the GSA Contracting Officer reviewed your FPR Letter, it was incorporated by reference as a part of your official contract award documentation.

Some of the terms often found in FPR letters are identified below:

  • Identification of the Basis of Award (BOA) customer(s) or category of customer(s) referred to as the Most Favored Customer (MFC)
  • The price/discount relationship that must be maintained for the term of your contract between your contract pricing and the BOA customer(s) or category of customer(s) referred to as the MFC
  • The specific Price Reduction clause applicable to your contract
  • Shipping/delivery terms
  • Any government discounts such as basic or discount range, quantity, prompt payment, volume, etc

What kind of records am I required to keep?
The GSA Examination of Records clause states, "...the Administrator of GSA or any duly authorized representative shall have access to and the right to examine any books, documents, papers and records of a contractor involving transactions related to the contract for over billings, billing errors, compliance with the Price Reduction clause and compliance with the Industrial Funding Fee clause of the contract. This authority shall expire 3 years after final payment." The basic contract and each option shall be treated as separate contracts for purposes of applying this clause.