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Contractor Reporting Requirements

There are a variety of reporting requirements associated with a GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract. A summary of some of the reporting requirements associated with your contract is below.

How do I determine if a sale is reportable?
Review this section to better understand what is and what isn’t considered a sale, that you are required to report to GSA.

Entering into a contractor relationship that includes Subcontracting, Teaming, or having Authorized Dealers may require special attention for your quarterly reporting. Check out the following links for more information: (1) Subcontracting (2) Teaming (3) Authorized Dealers

Sales Reporting
Determine which sales reporting method your company is required to use and find more information about reporting sales and remitting IFF

FAS Sales Reporting Transition Page - Important information related to transitioning to FAS Sales Reporting
Important information related to transitioning from 72A Sales Reporting to FAS Sales Reporting.

FAS Sales Reporting
FAS Sales Reporting is the location for contractors to report transactional level data and remit IFF in accordance with contract requirements

VA / GSA Sales Portal
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Acquisition Center negotiates, awards, and administers Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contracts for various healthcare-related products and services. All VA managed FSS contract holders are required to report contract sales on a quarterly basis. If your Schedule Contract is administered by the VA, then you will use the VA Sales Reporting System to report your contract sales to the VA.

Large Business GSA schedule contractors are required to electronically submit subcontracting reports to the government's Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS).

Unique Sales reporting requirements

Contractors with a Schedule 599 contract have additional reporting requirements they can take care of here: e-Gov Travel Service Reporting (Schedule 599 only)