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Who do I deal with from GSA?

Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO)

The PCO negotiated and awarded your Schedule contract and is responsible for executing subsequent modification requests. The PCO is the sole authority to change, alter or modify your contract by your modification request. This does include, but is not limited to, additions, deletions, economic price adjustments, changes to legal company information, such as name changes and novation’s. You can find your contracts PCO from the GSA Schedules eLibrary website. You will see this information posted as the Government Point of Contact identifying the name, phone and email address for that specific contract on the main page.
  • Identify your PCO from this link; search by contract number GSA elibrary.

Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO)

The ACO was assigned after you were awarded your contract. The ACO has specific delegated responsibilities which include administering any Mass Modifications (a modification that changes language in the original solicitation), processing claims, and administration of your subcontracting plan (if you are a large business). The ACO may assume other duties as delegated by the PCO.

Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA)

The IOA is responsible for reviewing your contract compliance through Contractor Assessments performed at your company site or using internet based virtual meeting technology, submits reports to the ACO and PCO for their consideration with recommendations for corrective actions when needed, monitors receipts of sales reports and IFF payments, processes sales adjustments and may provide generalized education on MAS contracts and federal customer marketing.

Vendor Support center (VSC)

In addition to having a lot of useful information, the VSC maintains a helpdesk for technical issues. The VSC has a dedicated staff to assist when you need password assistance or encounter problems in VSC hosted system applications.

Note: They do not provide guidance on contract matters or answer questions related to your contract. Those questions should be directed to the PCO, ACO or IOA as appropriate. Reach the VSC help center staff Toll Free: 877-495-4849 or

Procurement Ombudsman

The Office of the Procurement Ombudsman (OPO) serves as a neutral forum for industry associations and vendors to voice concerns regarding GSA acquisition programs and processes, ensuring that issues are directed to and addressed by the appropriate entities within GSA.

Negotiates and Awards contract Sends Mass Modification information Contractor Assessments Schedules Input Program (SIP)
Loads content to eOffer Approves Commercial SubK plans Creates Contractor Assessment Report for review by the contractor, ACO and PCO FAS Sales Reporting Portal
Maintains Authorized Negotiator list (think eMod access) Reviews eSRS Subcontracting Reports Monitors receipt of Sales Reports and IFF payments Schedules Sales Query
Approves Novation/Name Change agreements Issues CPARS Assessments Processes Sales Adjustments VA Sales Portal
Approves Modifications:(affecting prices, additions, deletions, legal name changes but is not limited to these areas) Processes claims Provides generalized education on MAS contract matters and federal customer marketing. GSA eLibrary
Exercises Options Other delegated duties assigned by the PCO   GSA Advantage!
Processes terminations     GSA Advantage! eBuy
Approves Individual SubK plans     Mass Mods (System issues)
      GSA Advantage! PO Portal