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Supply Chain Risk Management
FAS and Schedule contractors work together to ensure the integrity of our national supply chain and address common compliance issues.

Scope Compliance
Your company may only provide those specific products and services that GSA authorized for sale under your Schedule contract. Products and services that are not part of your Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract are not allowed to be represented as being on the contract. Your company must identify any open market, or non-contract items, on all orders to customers.

Invoicing Requirements
GSA Schedule Contract orders/projects have special invoicing requirements. Make sure that you review this section and your GSA Schedule Contract for a better understanding of the invoicing requirements, such as prompt payment terms, GSA contract numbers, etc.

Contractor Assessment
As a Multiple Award Schedule contract holder, you may be contacted by a GSA Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) who will conduct a Contractor Assessment. Contract Clause 552.215-71 (Examination of Records) allows the IOA to review contractors’ records to verify contractual compliance. The frequency of assessments depends on several factors, including sales volume. Your IOA will contact you to schedule an assessment when necessary.

Contractor Assessment Report
Shortly after the completion of the contractor assessment with the IOA, the report is completed and made available simultaneously to both the contractor and the Contracting Officer. The Assessment Report provides a "snapshot" of your firm's ability to meet important terms and conditions of your contract at the time of the contractor assessment. Its purpose is to identify areas where you are successful as well as areas needing improvement.

A Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA) allows two or more GSA MAS contractors to work together in order to meet agency requirements. CTAs permit contractors to complement each other and allow the team to compete for orders they might not qualify for independently.

Trade Agreement Act (TAA) Compliance
The products and/or services offered on your GSA Schedule Contract are required to be in compliance with the Trade Agreement Act (TAA). In your GSA Schedule Contract, you have agreed to provide the government with only U.S-made or TAA designated country end products. Please review this section for more information on the TAA and the list of designated countries.

Labor Qualification Compliance
If your company provides professional services, the personnel provided under each GSA task order must meet the minimum qualifications as specified in your GSA MAS contract.

Federal Acquisition Regulations
The Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR) are the rules that must be followed by the federal government when they purchase items. It is helpful to understand how the FAR governs purchases under your GSA Schedule contract when working with your future GSA schedule customers.

Strategic Partner Delivery (SPD)
The strategic partner delivery page provides details to contractors about shipping (marking / labeling / packaging) requirements, compliance with MIL-STD-129 and FED-STD-123 and related contract clauses, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as it relates to shipping.

Most Favored Customer / Basis of Award
Some contractors report their sales through TDR which means that the Basis of Award relationship does not apply to your contract. However, contracts that report through the 72A system generally have Baisis of Award requirements.

Learning More about Mandatory Order Status
GSA is making it mandatory for Schedule vendors to provide order status to customers.