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Welcome to the Vendor Toolbox

Toolbox Brochure
General Services Administration (GSA) is committed to providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of all Federal agencies through the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracting vehicles and by so doing, foster effective, sustainable and transparent government for the American people. GSA offers consolidated contracting to negotiate better prices and reduce administrative costs for Government agencies purchasing goods and services through GSA schedules. GSA pre-negotiates prices and terms with Industry Partners and awards a contract under the MAS program. This type of contracting does not involve a sale to GSA, but creates an agreement where any participating Government agency may purchase the products or services covered by the contract according to the prices and terms specified, enabling Government agencies to make purchases faster and to leverage the buying power of the government. However, GSA MAS contracts will not be a good fit for every Industry Partner. In order to succeed as a GSA MAS contractor, you must be properly prepared and positioned for success. GSA has created the following materials and information to help you learn more about the process and requirements and help make sure you have the best chance of success. Below are some facts and figures about GSA Contracts of which you should be aware.

GSA Contracting Success Factors

Research shows that the following factors will increase your probability of success as a GSA MAS contractor:

  • 2 years of experience in federal contracting either as a prime or subcontractor;
  • Contacts and relationships within the federal contracting community;
  • Working with a mentor who is a successful GSA MAS contractor;
  • Attending GSA seminars and workshops on contracting; and
  • Investing between $80K-$130K to find and manage your initial government contract.

GSA MAS in Figures:

  • More than $30B flows through MAS each year
  • Includes over 17,000 contracts with industry suppliers (FY18)
  • Over 38% of FY18 sales went to small businesses
  • Over 80% of GSA MAS contracts consistently go to small businesses (FY15-FY18)

The Challenges:

  • Competing for and winning Government contracts is costly in both time and resources;
  • Not all Government agencies use GSA MAS contracts for their procurement; and
  • Allocating time, money, other resources and a willingness to stay the course is needed to be successful.

Research, Analyze and Decide

The Vendor Toolbox is divided into three steps; Research, Analyze and Decide. It is designed to help you learn about and understand the Federal market while you walk through a process that will enable you to Research, Analyze, and ultimately Decide whether to submit a proposal to GSA (i.e. apply to get on schedule). The Vendor Toolbox contains training materials that will help you learn more about the Federal market, tools that will help you uncover opportunities, and links to resources that can assist you in being a successful MAS contractor. It is also worth noting that GSA does not seek task orders and business for contractors.

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