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Task #1 - Assess Market

Analysis of the market is essential to determining its size and competitiveness. For example, if a contractor selects a shrinking schedule in a highly competitive market they have less probability of being successful.

In the previous step, you identified the appropriate NAICS code, GSA Schedule and SIN(s). In this task you will:

  • List total number of contracts reporting sales;
  • List total number of contracts reporting no sales;
  • Determine total annual reported sales;
  • Compute average reported sales per contract; and
  • Identify whether the demand for products and services is growing or shrinking.
All this information is readily available and is critical to help you decide whether a GSA Schedule is advantageous in the Federal market. GSA contracts are required to meet minimum sales requirements as laid out in I-FSS-639 Contract Sales Criteria shown below.


(a) A contract will not be awarded unless anticipated sales are expected to exceed $25,000 within the first 24 months following contract award, and are expected to exceed $25,000 in sales each 12-month period thereafter.
(b) The Government may cancel the contract in accordance with clause 552.238-73, Cancellation, unless reported sales are at the levels specified in paragraph (a) above.

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