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Task #2 - Assess Competition

This task will help you determine if your pricing is competitive, what your competitors are offering and which Government customers are procuring similar products and services.

Who is Winning, Why, and How to Win?

In the previous tasks, you assessed size of the market and identified the major competitors. In this task you will:

  • Identify key competitors on your selected Schedule and SIN(s);
  • Analyze competitor offerings;
  • Working with a mentor who is a successful GSA MAS contractor;
  • Analyze pricing and;
  • Identify government customers who are procuring similar products and services.

Competitive analysis information is readily available. This competitive analysis is essential to determining if you can be successful in this market and decide whether a GSA Schedule contract is right for your organization.

Click here for a selection of helpful resources and educational materials

Capability Analysis
Visit GSA Advantage!® ( and search for each of the top three competitors in your schedule and SIN and identify the products and services provided. For this exercise you can enter the company name in the search function and select ‘Services’ in the drop down menu to the right of the search box. There is a help button at the top of the home page which can guide you through this site.

Customer Analysis
Another important thing to research is who buys what you sell. Go back to GSA eLibrary and perform a quick search on the appropriate schedule using the “Quick Schedule” search function in the top right hand corner of the home page. Then go to the SIN and sort by contractor locale, socio economic status, etc. You will be able to see all companies listed under awarded contracts and if you click on a specific company, you will be able to see a link to the company’s home websites. You can use these techniques and additional knowledge of the market to identify similar companies in your area to see how you compare. By clicking on the “catalog” you will be able to view pricing. Keep in mind that the price listed is the base price awarded vs. negotiated pricing at the task order level.

Finally, complete the competitor assessment by following the instructions below.

Estimate the competitive range of pricing needed to win Government business. This information is available from GSA Advantage!® ( if you search by contractor name. This will help you to determine whether you can match or beat your competitor's pricing.

Next, view the solicitation for your Schedule by visiting, entering your schedule number into the search box in the top right hand corner and then clicking on the vendors button.

Finally, you can also access recent contract awards through SAM starting in December 2019 ( From the home page, you can conduct an advanced search by selecting the ‘award notice’ radio button along with multiple criteria including NAICS code, timeline and ‘not RRA’ (Recovery and Reinvestment Act) to determine awards listed within the last 365 days.

    (for Solicitation Response)