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Task #3: Assess Bid Opportunities

The most successful contractors do not use a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, they tailor their offerings to meet the needs of the agencies they are targeting.

In the previous tasks you identified the number of competitors in the Schedule and SIN where you want to make a proposal, the number of contracts with no sales, the average sale per contract, the top three contracts by reported sales and analyzed the competition. In this task you will:

  • Identify bid opportunities; and
  • Review Government agencies long term procurement forecasts.

Now that you have identified and assessed the market for your products and services, this task will help you identify bid opportunities for winning Government business. Access the FBO website through the following link: A full list of resources to help you use this site are available here.

Open the "Opportunities" tab on FBO. While this information changes daily, when this guide was compiled, over 30,000 opportunities that posted within the last 90 days were listed.

To find bid opportunities for NAICS 611430 and Schedule 874 go to the "Advanced Search" tab on FBO. To look at everything posted for the last year, select "Last 365 days" from the Posted Date drop down menu

There are several other options for further refining your search based on additional criteria such as "woman owned small business", "award notice", etc. You can tailor the criteria to fit your business.

The information in the solicitations can also be used to identify Government agencies, contact information, award dates and contract dollar value for opportunities of interest. FBO does not provide visibility into current MAS Request for Quotes (RFQs) that are posted in our eBuy system. Only vendors who have been awarded contracts with GSA and are meeting their contractual requirements have access to eBuy to see current MAS RFQs.

Long Term Forecast
The following links will help you focus on evaluating the long term forecast of Government business opportunities. The agency forecast information for some agencies is available through the Acquisition Central website at:, and the Federal Agency Procurement Forecasts each agency provides These links will help you learn what agencies like the Department of Homeland Security are procuring. It is possible to download some agency forecasts that describe future requirements, required dates, procurement approach, points of contact, and estimated dollar value.

    (for Solicitation Response)